A special place to stay


The history of the families and of the Ahner Berghof – your vacation destination

Visitors to our estate instantly sense the special history of this place. The ancestors of our family lived here for many centuries. Day-to-day life was sometime hard – as farmers, they had to perform heavy labor. Their lives were marked by happy times, but also difficult periods. Through their efforts, they helped shape the rural landscape and our traditional culture, and their indomitable spirit left their mark upon our farmstead.

The name “Ahner” crops up in historical records for the first time in the year 1608. In connection with the acquisition by the then-owner of the right to build here, the Ahner is mentioned for the first time in 1627 and described together with its domains. At that time, the farmstead had its own mill. The Ahner was still under the seigniory of the Poor Clare Monastery in Brixen, and the tithes had to be paid at the parsonage.

From the refreshment stop to the authentic hostel

The surname Faller –which the grandparents went by – can be traced back in our genealogy to the year 1737. The following centuries were marked by large families. In 1963, a street is constructed to the Ahner. In the subsequent renovation, the grandparents satisfy all the prerequisites to open the Ahner as a rustic vacation spot and inn.

We are proud and respectful of our heritage and intent upon preserving our roots and traditions. We wish to maintain and continue the good work of our forebears in keeping with their values.

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