A long tradition


A house with tradition & culture

Our alpine farmstead (1,350 meters above sea-level) is nestled between the Puster and Eisack valleys of South Tyrol and offers an escape from the traffic and hectic activity of everyday life. It’s a place of refuge where you can enjoy pristine natural beauty, traditional cultural landscapes, and a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

Our farmstead can look back on centuries of tradition, and has been in the possession of our family for many generations. It has a long history as a tavern and inn for weary travelers journeying over the mountains, who would stop for a hearty refreshment and perhaps spend the night. Every guest was received with cordiality, and it is our goal to continue this time-honored family tradition.

Our vision – Experiencing nature at its finest

Our philosophy is to combine time-honored traditions with the best elements of modern life. The result: A romantic place especially blessed by Mother Nature, an extraordinary building with centuries of history, a family in which hospitality and quality still count for something. And it is our desire to share this with our guests – like with dear friends.

Our goal is to live in harmony with Mother Nature in a sustainable and ecological fashion – for the good of generations yet to come.

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