A fun-filled paradise for families

Meadows, forests, and hiking tours

Our exterior areas– Pleasure, recreation, & a paradise for families

The Ahner Berghof is a paradise for families. The natural surroundings, verdant meadows, forests, and numerous hiking options make for a perfect family holiday atmosphere. Children can enjoy an active, age-appropriate vacation, thus guaranteeing a carefree time for both the kids and the adults. Our playground offers the ideal environment for the little ones to run and tumble, far from sources of stress and away from street traffic – a relaxing thought for every parent. The children’s petting zoo – with goats, rabbits, and cats – is another favorite among our younger guests.

The natural bathing pool is a special attraction and another facet of the all-around pampering you’ll experience here: Starting in the summer of 2017, you’ll be able to bath in a natural pool nestled in this idyllic landscape, with a view of the South Tyrolean mountains. Wonderful scenery, fresh country air, and an abundance of peace and quiet – what more could you ask for? But wait! There is more: Our bathing pool is supplied by our own natural spring!


Family vacation

It's finally time to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some relaxing time with your family… At the Ahner Berghof, you'll find all the prerequisites for an unforgettable family holiday. In our region, there are plenty of child-friendly and easy hiking trails which are also…